TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer is a Swiss luxury watch brand with a rich history dating back to 1860. For over 160 years, the company has been at the forefront of innovation in the world of luxury watchmaking, producing high-quality timepieces renowned for their precision and performance.

Among TAG Heuer’s most popular models is the Carrera collection, which features sleek and elegant watches for everyone that showcase the brand’s exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. The TAG Heuer Monaco is another standout model, featuring a bold and iconic design that pays homage to the brand’s motorsports heritage.

In every aspect of its watches, TAG Heuer’s commitment to excellence and innovation is evident. Each timepiece is crafted using the finest materials and innovative techniques, resulting in watches that are not only beautiful but also high-performing.

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About the brand

TAG Heuer

The Founder

Originally known as the Heuer company, TAG Heuer’s story dates back to 1860 when Edouard Heuer set up his watchmaking workshop in Saint-Imier. Besides creating incredible timekeeping instruments, Heuer shaped the world of watchmaking thanks to a number of important inventions in the late 19th century. Right from creating the oscillating pinion, which helped improve the accuracy of chronographs, to developing the Mikrograph in 1916, the first mechanical stopwatch capable of measuring elapsed time to within 1/100th of a second and introducing dashboard clocks in 1933, Heuer revolutionized precision and timekeeping with its unparalleled offerings.


What’s a brand without good marketing? Had it not been for Jack Heuer, the founder’s great-grandson, TAG Heuer wouldn’t have been as successful as it is today. The brand’s former chairman conceptualized some of the most iconic collections from TAG Heuer – Carrera, Monaco, Autavia – and made sure these watches got enough attention and more from leading personalities from the world of motor racing and films.

Iconic Models and Watches

Carrera 160 years anniversary Ref. CBK221B, Monaco Calibre 11 CAW211P.FC6356, Aquaracer Ref. WAY201B.BA0927, Autavia Chronometer Ref. WBE5116.FC8266, Formula 1 Ref. WAZ111A.BA0875

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