The Wristcheck Grade

Our world-class watch condition grading system is designed to show you exactly what you’re buying, with total transparency. Every watch listed on our platform has been evaluated and graded. Our watchmakers evaluate every aspect of a watch: from its case & bracelet, dial & hands, to its movement and timing accuracy, to form an aggregated Wristcheck Grade.

Our 10-Step Grading Process

Our in-house professional watchmakers inspect every watch consigned to us with a 10-step process and grade them based on three categories: the watch's case & bracelet, dial & hands, and its movement.

How does grading work?

Cosmetic Condition

Our watchmakers grade the cosmetic appearance and condition of the watch's case & bracelet, dial & hands, and movement.

5-position Timing Results

We use a Witschi Chronoscope X-1 timing machine to test the timing performance of our watches in the industry standard of all 5 positions. This does not influence the Wristcheck Grade, but we make it standard practice.

Bespoke Condition Reports

The Wristcheck Grade is calculated as a weighted average across the three categories above, detailed in each watch's unique Condition Report. The report includes condition notes that reflect every detail we observe during the grading process – including if the watch has been polished, and by whom.

Setting The Gold Standard

Just like asking for a car’s mileage, knowing a watch’s timing performance – or how accurate it is at keeping time – is essential when buying one. We use a state-of-the-art Witschi Chronoscope X-1 to test our watches in all five positions as per industry standard, for a crystal-clear assessment of the general health of a watch. We're committed to setting the bar high and giving you total transparency.

Transparent and Accessible for All

You have full access to our watches' detailed Condition Reports for an in-depth view of their condition. No hidden surprises here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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