The Wristcheck Grade

Our 10-point grading system is the world's leading Timepiece Condition Grading. We carefully evaluate every aspect of a watch: from the physical condition to the timing accuracy – so you know exactly what you're paying for.

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Our Comprehensive Grading Process

Our team of professional watchmakers inspects every watch consigned to us and grades them based on four categories: Case/Bracelet (C/B), Dial/Hands (D/H), Movement (M), and Timing (T).

How does grading work?

Cosmetic Condition

Our expert watchmakers grade the cosmetic appearance and condition of the Case/Bracelet, Dial/Hands, and Movement.

Timing Results

Our team uses a Witschi Chronoscope X-1 timing machine to test the timing performance of the watch in all 5 positions.

Condition Report

A total Wristcheck grade is calculated based on the four categories and is detailed in the Condition Report, including condition notes reflecting every detail observed during the grading process.

Revolutionary 5-Position Timing Results

Timing results indicate the watch's accuracy in keeping time. Just like asking for a vehicle's mileage, timing performance is essential when buying a watch. Our state-of-the-art Witschi Chronoscope X-1 tests your watch in 5-positions, giving you full transparency of your watch's accuracy. We are setting the gold standard, so you don't have to settle for less.

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Guaranteed Quality
Shop with confidence knowing that all our consigned watches are of the highest quality, with no watches graded below 5. You can trust that you'll receive a watch that looks great and performs at its best, thanks to our unwavering commitment to quality.
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Fair Pricing
Understanding your watch's condition is key to unlocking its true value and listing it at a fair price. Our team of professional watchmakers can enhance its condition to increase its value, ensuring that you sell it in the best possible condition.

Transparent and Accessible for All

We provide buyers and sellers with access to the watch's detailed Condition Report on our website. This way, you can browse, buy or sell with complete peace of mind.

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