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How Much Is My Watch Worth?

By Natasha Fernandes
12 Jun 2023
3 min read

Here’s how you can get your watch appraised by Wristcheck and sell it for the best price

“How much is my watch worth?” is a question that can be quite tricky to answer, but if anything, Wristcheck’s here to help you get a quote. Now, there could be numerous reasons you might be thinking of selling your watch – your tastes have changed, you are looking to upgrade, or simply put, you need the money. 

Understanding the worth of your watch is crucial if you plan to list it or insure it. From brand and model to rarity and condition, we can help you determine your watch's value – ultimately, it's up to the market demand and what someone's willing to pay. 


First things first, help us identify your watch. For us to offer you the most precise watch valuation, our specialists need as much information you have on your watch to work with.

If you have the watch’s box and papers, most of the information (brand, model, reference number, year of production and date of purchase) we require will be listed on the document. 

In case, you only have the watch – you can visit our boutique, where our team of watch specialists can assist you in providing the necessary details or you can book an appointment with our in-house watchmaker here to give you a more thorough insight. 


By providing all the available information, you can help us offer a more precise watch valuation.

Here’s a checklist:

Watch Model
Reference Number
General Condition - Is it brand new or pre-owned? 
Year of Purchase
Bracelet or Strap?
Other accessories? 
Does your watch come with its original box and papers? 
Date on papers (if any)
Is your watch fully functioning?
Is your watch unworn with factory stickers intact? 
Is your watch a limited edition or part of a special release? 
Any additional information? Anything you want to tell us about your watch?


Once you have all the information, we need a few condition photos to help our watch specialists understand the state of the watch to determine its value. 

To ensure an accurate estimate of your watch's value, please upload at least one photo of the watch's dial with a clear view. Don't hesitate to snap away and show off your photography skills with multiple pictures. When taking photos, ensure the watch's condition is evident (hint: well-lit spaces are ideal). A neutral background and centered placement in the frame are recommended.

Additional helpful photos (not mandatory) include the bracelet/strap, box and papers, serial number, caseback, and crown. These details allow for a more precise valuation.


Congratulations! You're now ready to receive a valuation for your watch. If you feel unsure or need assistance throughout the process, our watch specialists are here to help and available during office hours to answer any questions you may have. We encourage sellers to keep communication open with our staff through messaging, using either WhatsApp or email.


After submitting the necessary details and images, our team of watch specialists will review them and contact you within 48 hours.


If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via email at or WhatsApp (we'll respond within 48 hours). You may also speak with our staff in person at our boutique located in the Landmark Atrium in Central, Hong Kong.


If you're interested in learning more about the process of selling a watch, including import duties, payment methods, and shipping insurance, please click here.


For information on our buyer and seller policies and shipping details, please click here.

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