watch chokers we'd love to see

Watch Chokers We'd Love To See

By Felix Scholz
25 Mar 2024
4 min 32 sec read

The watch choker trend appears to have peaked with Taylor Swift's Concord Lorraine Schwartz piece. Here are some similar concepts we'd love to see

Taylor Swift is so much more than a musical artist; she's also an icon and role model of such significance that her cultural impact has its own Wikipedia page. When Swift does something, everyone pays attention. So earlier this year when Swift swanned into the Grammy's with a diamond-encrusted watch around her neck, you can bet the world paid attention. 

Within minutes of pictures emerging online it was worked out that Swift was wearing a black diamond Lorraine Schwartz choker featuring a vintage Concord watch (set to midnight, a nod to her album Midnights), front and center. In that instant, the 'watch-as-necklace' trend became official. Of course, Swift isn't the first famous person to eschew the wrist for the neck in recent years — Rihanna made a splash wearing Jacob & Co in 2023. But such is Taylor Swift's power; we suspect that at least one major Swiss maker is seriously considering how to integrate neckwear into their catalogue.

With this in mind, we've put some thought into what we think would make some great neck-based timepieces, from the plausible to the somewhat less likely.

Richard Mille

Watch chokers we'd love to see
RM 07 choker in the style of Bonbon collection

I am willing to stake my professional reputation on the fact that, by the end of 2024, we will have seen at least one Richard Mille worn around the neck. Honestly, it makes so much sense. Not only do Richard Mille's tonneau-shaped cases have a pleasing flow that would be well suited to a choker, but the whole brand's attitude and aesthetic leans heavily towards the cutting edge, so it would very much suit their style to shake things up in this way. As to what particular watch collection would be best suited, well, I think any tonneau would work well, and the fully set feminine pieces from the RM 07 line would be a safe option, but for me, I'd really love to see something in the style of the candy-inspired Bonbon collection — imagine a colorful ceramic watch on a high-end ceramic version of those candy necklaces we wore as kids. Iconic.

There's actually another interesting Richard Mille neckwear option that is perhaps less obvious. Ferrari. With the news that Lewis Hamilton has moved to Ferrari in 2025, watch fans can expect to see Hamilton rocking a Richard Mille when that day comes. But who's to say he'd be wearing it on the wrist?


Watch chokers we'd love to see
J12 makes the most sense as Chanel's take on a choker clock

Another brand that is perfectly placed to jump on this trend is Chanel. Though better known for its runway fashion than its wristwatches, Chanel makes some very respectable timepieces — most famously the sporty ceramic J12. With its bold black and white design, the J12 makes the most sense as Chanel's take on a choker clock. Beyond the fundamentals of the design and the power of the brand, Chanel has that fashion-forward thinking required to have fun and create a playful twist on the conventional watch.


Watch chokers we'd love to see
Hublot's Spirit of Big Bang will make for a stunning choker

Of course, Hublot would make a neck-worn watch. They probably already have. In all seriousness, while Neck Bang doesn't sound great as a product name, it would work well. Again, the gem-set options are strong here, and the likely use of a rubber strap would give a more casual air that is perfectly in line with Hublot's bold sporty styling, and the tourbillon on this full pavé model is a real talking point. The brand's sapphire offerings would also offer a contemporary edge, and the flowing shape of the Spirit of Big Bang case would add some flow and drape that's sure to make a statement that lives up to the Big Bang name.


Watch chokers we'd love to see
Day-Date with a green dial and the diamond bezel is a nice nod to traditional necklaces

Rolex is another obvious contender for the burgeoning #takewatchesoffthewrist trend. But here, it's less about the (obviously iconic) Oyster case and more about the bracelet. Specifically the jubilee bracelet in yellow or rose gold. Now, we're more than ready to admit that the bill for linking together a few wrists worth of jubilee bracelets might be a little steep, but can you put a price on fashion? If we had to get really specific, this rose gold Day-Date with a green dial is superb, and the diamond bezel is a nice nod to more traditional jeweled necklaces.

Of course, maybe you'd prefer something sportier and in steel? We'd steer clear of the Daytona, if only because the extra pushers look like they'd be uncomfortable. The Yacht-Master, on the other hand, offers just the right blend of sporty and chic, and Rolesor keeps it casual.


Watch chokers we'd love to see
Mini Tank Allongée would look adorable on a fine velvet choker

Finally, Cartier. The Maison has an advantage in the watch necklace department in that it's already an established jewellery house. Of course, along with tiaras and other dripping fanciness, Cartier has enough iconic shaped watches to fill a geography textbook. All of these designs would make solid neckwear options, but there's a few standouts. The Crash would obviously be incredible, and it isn't too much of a leap to imagine a Kardashian or Tyler the Creator wearing this instantly recognisable watch in an unconventional manner. But the Crash is a rare bird indeed, so a much more plausible option is one of the numerous Tank varieties. Something petite like this Mini Tank Allongée is a dainty option, and would look adorable on a fine velvet choker. For something with a little more razzle-dazzle, this skeleton dial Tank MC, with diamond brancards, would make for an exceptional statement.