Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is one of the world’s most prestigious and oldest watch manufacturers, founded in 1839 by Polish watchmaker Antoni Norbert de Patek. In 1845, he partnered with Adrien Philippe, and the company was formally established as Patek Philippe in 1851, setting the stage for the brand’s illustrious history of watchmaking excellence.

Patek Philippe’s classical and refined approach to watchmaking is evident in every timepiece, with an exceptional level of craftsmanship in every detail. The brand is known for its unparalleled enameling technique, unmatched by any other watchmaker.

The Calatrava’s timeless elegance is reflected in its classic round faces, while the Nautilus and Aquanaut models, with their signature “porthole” design, cater to sport-watch enthusiasts. With over 200 different models, Patek Philippe offers a watch for every taste and occasion.

Patek Philippe’s exceptional quality, prestige, and savoir-faire have made it a symbol of taste, class, and wealth, adorning the wrists of celebrities and royalty alike. Its rich heritage, artistry, and unrivaled quality continue to set the bar in the world of horology.

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About the brand

Patek Philippe

The Founder

It’s safe to say that no other brand in the luxury watch industry is as universally revered or respected as Patek Philippe. The heavyweight reigns supreme in all areas – from reputation to quality, to prestige and savoir-faire.


One of the oldest manufacturers in the world, Patek Philippe, was founded in 1839 by Polish watchmaker Antoni Norbert de Patek, who began producing pocket watches in Geneva. In 1845, he joined forces with Adrien Philippe, son of a watchmaker, who was equally well-versed in the craft. The company was eventually established as Patek Philippe in 1851.


In 1932, Charles Stern and Jean Stern, who owned a dial manufacture and one of Patek Philippe's suppliers, acquired the company during the Great Depression. The current president Thierry Stern, representing the fourth generation of the Stern Family currently leads the company. Under the Stern family's stewardship, Patek Philippe has maintained its reputation as one of the world's most prestigious watchmakers, known for its craftsmanship, innovation, and continuity. The company is now reportedly worth up to $10 billion USD, with the Stern family worth around $3 billion USD.


As one of the few family-owned independent watch manufacturers in the Swiss watch industry, it allows a significant degree of freedom in the design and production of its watches. This independence is a key component of Patek Philippe's identity and allows the firm to maintain its traditions while also pursuing long-term creative and technical innovation.


Patek Philippe’s approach to watchmaking is classical and refined. The maison implements an extraordinary level of craftsmanship into every timepiece; their enameling, in particular, is unrivaled by any other brand. The oldest known surviving Patek Philippe watch is believed to be a pocket watch made in 1839, numbered 63. This watch is significant because it dates back to the very earliest days of the company's history. The watch number 63 is a key-wound pocket watch featuring a quarter repeater mechanism (which chimes the hours and quarter hours when a lever is pressed), a jumping seconds hand (a rare complication at the time), and is made of 18K gold. It exemplifies the high craftsmanship and innovation that Patek Philippe became renowned for even in its early years. The manufacturer, venturing into their 'modern' era, also excels in creating chiming watches, Complications, and Grand Complications – turning wristwatches into intricate, wearable pieces of art.


The brand’s extensive line-up of world-firsts includes the invention of the watch crown in 1844, which revolutionized the mechanism of watch-winding. Prior to this, movements were usually wound with a key. In 1925, Patek Philippe introduced the first wristwatch with a perpetual calendar. It also shattered the world record for the highest price ever paid for a wristwatch in 2019. The Grandmaster Chime 6300A-010 hammered in at CHF 31 million at the Only Watch auction in 2019.

Iconic Models and Watches

Nautilus 5711/1A, Nautilus 5740G, Calatrava Pilot Travel Time, Aquanaut 5167, Grand Complications 5270G

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