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The Women Of Wristcheck

By Neha S. Bajpai
7 Mar 2024
16 min read

This Women’s Day, join us as we spotlight the leading ladies of Wristcheck and their remarkable achievements

How do you imagine a multicultural boardroom brimming with young directors – a bunch of creative, strong-willed women shaping a startup? Years of social conditioning and ideas of women playing against women might conjure up scenes of us sitting across each other with long polished talons, chafed egos and a decisive air of bitchiness. At Wristcheck, where more than half the management is female-led, we thrive on feminamity  – we hype up each other. We uplift, encourage, empower and support one another – despite all our differences. This is not to say that we don’t have conflicts. We don't always agree with each other but it doesn’t mean we don’t practice healthy collaboration. We believe there’s power in the pack and it’s our varied strengths that make the table better.  

Over the last two years, our team has grown from 5 to 50, with each one working towards the same goal – making the watch world more inclusive and inviting for anyone wanting to buy, sell or learn about watches. While Wristcheck is truly exceptional in the sense that I often forget how infuriating gender bias could be outside of my workplace, I can never underplay the camaraderie of my female colleagues who inspire me with their incredible talents and strengths.

This Women’s Day, we bring you a two-part introduction to the leading ladies of Wristcheck. Right from marketing to business development, finance to product, creative to social media, sales and editorial – here’s a glimpse of the women of Wristcheck, who raise each other up, channeling the power of collaboration with a shared understanding of what goes into nurturing a dream together.

Joanna Zhu, Chief Marketing Officer

Women of Wristcheck
Joanna is wearing the Vacheron Constantin Overseas

The newest and the first female member of Wristcheck’s C-suite, Joanna joined us just four months ago, but she has wasted no time in immersing herself in the team dynamics. With her keen insight and genuine interest in others, Jo has made commendable efforts to familiarize herself with each member of the team – understanding their strengths and aspirations.

Joanna has spent most of her professional life in Shanghai and Singapore, working alongside founders of companies to shape unicorn brands and build growth stories in tech and retail industries, such as Airbnb, Amazon Shopbop and Maia Active. “In my career so far, around 90% of my team members have been women, and they've been an incredible blessing. They've become long-term friends and partners to me in my life. I believe women have immense potential and capability. While often demonstrating greater ownership and accountability, they sometimes lack confidence. That's why supporting and uplifting each other is crucial. We need to remind each other how amazing we truly are!” she says.

Joanna has always believed in the power of independence, especially for women who want to excel in life. “I want to see more women take charge of their actions and become independent strategic thinkers. Women used to often default to following others because they're good partners and listeners. However, I've found that they are often the best decision-makers themselves. Instead of training people to follow, I empower them to think critically and make their own decisions to achieve the team’s common goals,” she says.

With her infectious energy and boundless enthusiasm for fresh ideas, Jo is always encouraging us to think out of the box. She thrives on challenges and manages to squeeze out what seems like 28 hours of work in a single day! When asked if she'd like to swap roles at Wristcheck, Jo declared she'd love to be a photographer. "I believe in the power of storytelling from images," she exclaimed. So, if you catch our CMO snapping shots, don't be surprised! With Jo behind the lens, there will never be a dull moment at Wristcheck! And oh! if you are a foodie, hit her up…Jo loves rustling up gourmet feasts in her free time and dreams of being a farm chef on an island five years from now.

Rapid Fire 

What attracted you to Wristcheck?

People & Watches.

What’s your biggest strength at Wristcheck?

Brand-driven and data-powered approach to growth.

If you’re given USD 100K, which watch would you buy?

Roger Dubuis Velvet in rose gold.

Yasmin Tsang, Director, Business Development

Women of Wristcheck
Yasmin is wearing the Rolex Explorer

Wristcheck’s strongest powerlifter – both literally and figuratively – Yasmin Tsang excels in bringing our most challenging projects to life. From building a robust operations team from the ground up to orchestrating our special projects from end to end, Yasmin (or Yaz, as we affectionately call her) is a force to be reckoned with. 

Yasmin's journey towards excellence is marked by some remarkable achievements. She recently competed in Barclays’ Moontrekker 30, conquering a grueling 30km trail run that commenced at 11 pm and concluded just before sunrise. At Wristcheck, Yaz has been a role model for the young executives in the Ops team – a group of 20-somethings whom she has mentored and groomed to accomplish the extraordinary in a remarkably brief time. “It’s beautiful to see young professionals learn new skills. Sometimes they end up teaching you a thing or two!. I’m proud of what they have achieved so far, and proud to be part of that journey with them,” she says. 

Yasmin's trajectory to her current role mirrors the diversity of her skill set. After studying marketing and merchandising at a fashion school in Los Angeles, she embarked on a career journey with Dior's invincible APAC PR team, overseeing nine markets including Hong Kong. However, it's over the last two years at Wristcheck where Yaz has truly shined. Her contributions have played a pivotal role in solidifying Wristcheck's reputation as one of the most trusted watch platforms in and outside of Hong Kong. “ When you work with big corporates, your creative freedom kind of gets boxed in but with Wristcheck it’s been absolutely wild! It’s always fun to build something from scratch. I love the limitless possibilities of what we can achieve with this platform,” she says.

Shaping our mission to give more visibility to  ‘women in watches’, Yaz hopes to create inclusive spaces for females in our industry and beyond. “Gender inequality persists in both public and private sectors, particularly in certain economic, political, and social aspects. At Wristcheck, we are particularly passionate about championing female voices, so in 2023 we piloted our Women & Watches pillar. It’s not going to change the world but our intention here is to create more inclusive spaces for females,” she says. 

Always ready to extend a helping hand, both within and outside of the workplace, Yaz believes it’s important to surround oneself with people who genuinely care for you. “Friendly competition is healthy, as it drives us to do better but at the end of the day without emotional support, it’s all meaningless. Emotional support is equally important for men (even if they won’t admit it). An emotional support system keeps you going,” she says.

Rapid Fire

What's the most memorable team-building activity or office event you've participated in?

Our off-site ACT Insights Discovery training. It was nice to get to know my peers on a deeper level. 

Last thing you googled? 

How to make flourless pancakes 

If you could share a message with your younger self, what would you say? The biggest hurdles in your life are yet to come so enjoy your youth because life is short! 

Valerie Tang, Senior Manager, Creative

Women of Wristcheck
Valerie is wearing the Longines Ref. L 7.882.4 Serie '30

The creative genius behind Wristcheck’s unique visual identity, Valerie Tang immersed herself in the Wristcheck universe around two years ago. Everyday since then, she has been infusing the brand’s identity with intellectually elegant and timeless design elements that have now shaped our multifaceted approach to content and branding. 

A graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design, Valerie worked as a graphic designer in New York before moving to Hong Kong a few years ago. As our creative lead, she breathes life into every project with her boundless imagination – from revamping the website to curating captivating visuals for social media, directing video shoots for special collaborations and dreaming up stylish merchandise, Val never fails to deliver Wristcheck’s essence in the most striking ways.

Inspired by Coco Chanel, who used her designs to liberate and empower women, Valerie feels the #MeToo movement was one of the biggest game changers for gender equality in recent years. “Since #MeToo, it’s become easier to openly discuss the issues of gender bias, and this in turn has encouraged people and companies to reflect on their actions. However, it’s important to call out that there’s still a long and difficult path ahead. The keyword is ‘equity’, and our male counterparts need to recognise that they play an important role (both in their personal and work lives) in creating a fair and level opportunity for women to make their own decisions,” she says.

With a talent for multitasking, Val is always on the go, ensuring that every moment for her team is filled with excitement and inspiration. “I’m most proud about branding Wristcheck but more importantly, I’m incredibly proud of my team and their incredible contribution towards helping me build a strong visual identity that resonates with our audience. At Wristcheck, it feels like the norm, being at a company where half of the management level is female, but I’ve got to sense-check myself every now and then and realize that most companies aren’t this way, ” she says.

Given the opportunity to trade jobs for a day with a superpower, Valerie would step into our watchmaker's shoes, eager to absorb the wealth of knowledge he possesses. Her discerning eye for design extends to her taste in timepieces, as she dreams of ordering a custom watch from Cartier or Patcharavipa.

With Val at the helm, Wristcheck's visual aesthetics are in expert hands, ensuring that every glance at our platform is a feast for the eyes!

Rapid Fire 

Which is the last book you read?

Well this one I’m still reading: “Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss”. It’s about the art of negotiating. 

What's your style signifier?

A good wide-leg pant and my mother’s rings!

If you could share a message with your younger self, what would you say?

You’re more powerful than you think.

Jasmine Bastable, Lead, Social Media & Communications

Women of Wristcheck
Jasmine is wearing a vintage Cartier Santos in yellow gold

Almost always the most introspective voice in the room, Jasmine Bastable makes the most impact with her written word. A gifted littérateur and artist, Jas has poured her heart and soul into shaping Wristcheck’s brand persona over the last three years. In the past year alone, her team has worked tirelessly to skyrocket Wristcheck's social media presence – turning our modest following into an exceptional 200k+ community. Thanks to Jas, today Wristcheck has established itself as one the most followed holistic watch accounts in Greater China and Southeast Asia, with the highest engagement rate in its category. 

A graduate in English Language and Linguistics from King’s College London, Jas started out as an English tutor and then pursued a stint in marketing at Audemars Piguet before joining Wristcheck. “I've always been inherently interested in language and I enjoy using my affinity for writing to create great content. I went on to study Business Management and Entrepreneurship for my Masters’ at UCL, which worked out pretty well considering my current role at Wristcheck,” she muses.

Jas is the wise, thoughtful girl with a knowing smile. Her energy always feels way more dynamic than the rest of the noisy heads in the room. Meticulous and diligent, she ensures that every message from ‘brand Wristcheck’ is not just solid, but sensational. 

If given the opportunity to swap roles, she’d love to work as a member of our Product team for a day. “Firstly, the team is made up of just women (amazing!) and I think the work that they do – constantly improving our website and offerings – is so important. I think it’d be incredibly fulfilling,” she says. Jas believes it’s incredibly important for women to lift each other up. “Saying you're a "girls-girl" is one thing, but it's equally important to practice what you preach. There can be so much competition and comparison between women. It’s something that I’ve struggled with personally too – so I’m working on focusing on my own strengths, and actively empowering the women in my life.”

Jasmine's influence on Wristcheck’s exciting growth story extends beyond just numbers. With her team, she has seamlessly bridged the gap between the watch world and pop culture, intertwining the two in the most engaging ways on social media. It's no surprise that in just three short years, Wristcheck has garnered attention from influential luxury brands, celebrities, and pop culture icons like Kevin Hart, Conor McGregor, Kaws, and more. “Seeing the growth from day one until now is a real testament to the hard work and dedication my incredible team and I have put into it. While there’s still a long way to go, I’m proud of where we are at the moment,” she says. 

A big fan of utilitarian style, Jas describes herself as a bit of a tomboy. “ Those who know me know that I exclusively wear black. But my favorite color is and has always been green – just haven’t been confident enough to wear it much,” she says. If given a $100,000 USD to spend on a watch, she’d pick the 37mm Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Openworked in Frosted White Gold. “Somehow the watch exudes an air of confidence (something I’m working on) and it’s loud and proud, but rightfully so – it’s a horological powerhouse. The ultimate flex,” she says.

Rapid Fire

Which is the last book you read?

"A Little Life" by Hanya Yanagihara. I’m a fiction girlie through and through – I like books that make me feel, and it was absolutely devastating.

Last thing you googled?

“Nuclear fission”, don’t ask.

If you could share a message with your younger self, what would you say?

Stop caring about what other people think.

Kirsten Hill , Manager, People & Culture

Women of Wristcheck
Kirsten is wearing a Skagen watch

As a young player in the luxury watch industry, one of Wristcheck's most commendable achievements lies in its vibrant culture. In today's startup landscape, success isn't just about meeting business objectives; it's also about nurturing an environment where individuals with diverse skill sets and personalities can thrive amidst constant change.

At Wristcheck, our HR team is called “People & Culture" for a reason. Led by Kirsten Hill, this dynamic and spirited group of women go above and beyond traditional HR functions. They delve deeper, ensuring that each team member feels valued and connected on both professional and personal levels. Whether it's encouraging exploration beyond our designated roles or creating opportunities for colleagues to bond and celebrate special moments together, they foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie that sets Wristcheck apart.

Patient, warm, and always ready to lend an ear, Kirsten approaches her role with a genuine desire to help others and foster a culture of trust and transparency within the company. “I’m more of an observer. I’m able to look at the different dynamics within the company and absorb them on a more emotional and deeper level, I think that’s my strength. I have a rather unconventional career history but it's all led me to where I’m today. The more I learn about this space, the more excited I am to keep developing and seeing what works best for Wristcheck and our people,” she says.

A graduate in Biomedical Science from Newcastle University in the U.K., Kirsten fell into a recruitment job by chance. She then worked in the travel industry for some time before switching back to managing operations and hiring at a start-up in the medical field. “I was drawn to Wristcheck’s vision and efforts to be an inclusive watch platform, opening up the industry for one and all. My personal values kind of aligned with the passion of the founders here and I took the plunge!” she says.

Inspired by formidable women like Brene Brown, who introduced the sensitive topic of emotions to the world of business and leadership, and conservationist Dian Fossey, who has dedicated her life to the extensive study of mountain gorillas, Kirsten believes women are their best spokespeople and should advocate for each other. "We need to be more inclusive of women in everything we do, including emphasizing women in the data we use to inform our everyday decisions. By recognising women as a significant part of our society, and empowering and uplifting each other, we can help build a belief in our abilities to be leaders, changemakers and trailblazers. What does this mean to me? Show some love, be kinder to yourself and others, support women businesses and amplify women's voices,” she says. “Female voices are being heard more and more but there's a responsibility from all sides to be conscious of inherent biases, and differences in culture and background in order to support and empower each other. I'm excited to see what the future holds!”

Rapid Fire

Describe Wristcheck as a workplace in one word.


Your proudest achievement? 

The Four Peaks Race (we didn't finish it but I'm proud of all the hard work and dedication we put in as a team).

 If you had USD 100K which watch would you buy and why? 

Santos De Cartier Stainless Steel Skeleton Dial. The classic design with a bit of oomph from the open work dial - what's not to love? 

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