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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the history of the Rolex Explorer?

The Rolex Explorer was first introduced in 1953 in honor of Sir Edmund Hillary’s successful ascent of Mount Everest and Tenzing Norgay. The watch was designed to be a rugged and reliable timepiece for adventurers and explorers, with a clean and simple design featuring a black dial and luminous hour markers and hands.

What is the difference between a Rolex Explorer and Explorer II?

The Rolex Explorer features a simple and clean design with a black dial and luminous hour markers and hands, while the Explorer II features a 24-hour hand and a distinctive orange arrow designed for use in dark environments. The Explorer II also features a larger case size and a more robust movement, with additional functions such as a date display and a second time zone.

Can a Rolex Explorer maintain its value over time?

The Rolex Explorer is known for its durability and reliability and is often sought-after by collectors. As with any luxury watch, factors such as condition, rarity, and market demand can affect the resale value of an Explorer. Thus, it is highly recommended that prospective watch investors conduct thorough research before making any purchase decisions.

Which Explorer models are the most popular?

The modern Rolex Explorer II 216570 is one of the most popular models among collectors and enthusiasts. This model features a 42mm case size, a white dial with black hour markers, and a distinctive orange arrow hand. The Explorer 214270, with a 39mm case size and black dial, is also a popular choice.

What is the purpose of the 24-hour hand on the Rolex Explorer II?

The 24-hour hand on the Rolex Explorer II is designed to display a second time zone and is particularly useful for travelers and adventurers who need to keep track of time in different parts of the world.

How long is the wait for an Explorer?

The wait time for a Rolex Explorer can vary depending on the specific model and availability. Some models may be readily available at authorized dealers, while others may have a waiting list or be available only through secondary markets.

Which celebrities wear Explorer?

Celebrities who have been spotted wearing the Rolex Explorer include actor Tom Hardy, musician John Mayer, and adventurer Bear Grylls. All three individuals are known for their adventurous lifestyles, making the Explorer a fitting choice for their personal style.

What is the price range of Rolex Explorer watches?

Rolex Explorer watches are priced from approximately US$9,000 to US$15,000. The cost of a Rolex Explorer watch can vary significantly based on the intricacy of its movement, the type of materials used, and its exclusivity.

Can you buy Rolex Explorer in Hong Kong?

You sure can. Try on and purchase a Rolex Explorer in Hong Kong at Wristcheck’s boutique shop in Central. Make an appointment now.

Why is Hong Kong a popular place to buy a Rolex Explorer?

With no import duties and no sales tax, Hong Kong is a popular destination for purchasing luxury watches like Rolex Explorer at a low price.

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