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About this watch

In June 2021, Max Büsser, Owner & Creative director of MB&F, set the internet on fire when it released the first M.A.D.1 which featured an upside down triple blade winding rotor based off a modified Miyota movement. The goal with this watch, which was released in a blue colour scheme, was to reward the close friends of the brand, and clients who have supported the brand, by allowing them to get access to a fun timepiece that represented the spirit of MB&F but at a very affordable price. The watch was never officially released and was more of a “Friends & Family” situation. Needless to say that everyone wanted to get their hands on one, but to satisfy the thirst for the M.A.D.1 Büsser promised that a second model would be made widely available to the public. Fast forward a year later and the promise has been kept with the official release of the M.A.D.1 RED. The technical specifications remain the same with the use of a wide 42mm stainless steel case, inverted Miyota 821A automatic movement with winding rotor on top, and lateral time display system. The bezel has been slimmed down and the crown replaced with a more traditional crown, and of course the red colour marks the difference between the first and second generation of the M.A.D.1.


Year of Production
Case Size (mm)
Case Bezel Material
Stainless Steel
Case Crystal
Case Dial Color
Case Dial Numbers
Numerals, luminescent
Case Material
Stainless Steel
Caliber Movement
Miyota 821A
Power Reserve
Number of Jewels
Water Resistance
Strap Color
Black with red stitching
Strap Material
Calfskin leather
Strap Clasp
Folding buckle
Strap Clasp Material
Stainless Steel
Hours, Minutes

About the Brand+


Futuristic yet nostalgic, technical but playful. MB&F is a celebration of the avant-garde, and a testament to the triumphs of uninhibited creativity.

A self-described artistic concept laboratory, MB&F’s creations venture far beyond the realms of traditional watchmaking, resulting in extraordinarily out-of-the-box, complex machines -- pieces of art that just happen to tell the time.

An industry veteran armed with years of experience at the helms of Jaeger-LeCoultre and Harry Winston, Maximillian Büsser grew wary of the conservatism harboured by the watch industry. When the stifling ennui set in, he established ‘Maximilian Büsser and Friends’ -- with a mission to shift the paradigm.

The road less traveled should not be journeyed alone, and the Maison has indeed amassed an extensive list of  ‘Friends’: talented artists, watchmakers, designers and manufacturers that contribute to the geneses of the pieces, and whose collaborative efforts shine in each of the final products.

Büsser’s favourite quote, “A creative adult is a child who survived”, certainly manifests in his ‘machines’.

The Horological Machines series is reminiscent of science fiction films and animated television shows from the 1960s-80s, whereas the Legacy Machines collection draws inspiration from nineteenth-century watchmaking, with its pieces adopting a more classic (by MB&F standards!) silhouette. MB&F’s creations aren’t limited to the wrist: the brand produces timepieces such as clocks, deep-sea creatures, spaceships, and toy robots: all of which seem to have been plucked straight out of a child’s whimsical daydream -- then cranked up a thousand notches.

The details on these three-dimensional kinetic sculptures are exquisite down to the minutiae. The timepieces feature wonderfully complex movements that consist of over 600 hand-assembled components, as well as a new calibre for each machine.