Wristcheck is a holistic and pioneering watch platform that is built on transparency and trust. Our aim is to elevate horological culture to new heights, and to empower watch lovers such as yourself. Wristcheck marries together the conventionality of offline retail with the slickness of a cutting-edge online platform, all of which is bolstered by world class editorial and content creation.


From Our Founder

I’ve always loved watches. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a watch strapped onto my wrist. From my trusty blue Flik Flak in kindergarten, to my first automatic watch in high school — I've never left home without a doing a #wristcheck.

However, as I’ve become more and more involved in the watch industry as a collector over the years, I started to notice certain gaps in the current realm of all things horological: namely the scarcity of content catered toward the next generation of collectors, and the lack of a safe, secure, and transparent watch exchange platform.

Being a hardcore watch enthusiast myself, it has always frustrated me that nothing has been done to disrupt and re-imagine the watch space in regards to embracing the current and next generation of passionate watch enthusiasts. So I thought, "f*ck it. I’ll do it.”

Wristcheck aims to transcend boundaries: to seamlessly merge e-commerce, brick and mortar retail, and world class content creation into one cutting-edge horological platform. 

Wristcheck offers a holistic and comprehensive approach to everything watch-related. This encompasses buying, selling, reading, watching, and listening, as well as offering a range of curated accessories such as watch tools and straps. Whether you’re diving into the history of your favorite brand, browsing our vast selection of curated pre-owned timepieces, or just doing some light weekend reading — Wristcheck has your back.

We aim to shift the narrative entirely, bridging the gap between popular and horological culture, doing so in a way that empowers you — a watch enthusiast.

And we’re glad to have you be part of our journey.

— Austen Chu

Wristcheck Editorial

Wristcheck Editorial is the first entry point into the world of Wristcheck. It’s about building awareness and trust, all while providing ample amounts of education, insight, and entertainment.
Wristcheck believes that the often underserved part of the horological world is the people and the process. It’s these two elements that ultimately create the story, and subsequently the product that we latch onto.
It’s not challenging to find great visuals in our world, but it’s far more difficult to find an emotional, human connection. This is where we come in. Our team of world-class journalists delve into the nuances of watch and pop culture to produce unique, rich, and culturally significant editorial content.
Wristcheck Experience


The Wristcheck Experience breaks the paradigm of traditional offline luxury watch retail.

We get it: walking into a watch store, whether you’re an aspiring or seasoned collector, is not only intimidating but also too transactional. There’s no emphasis on education, nor are you truly listened to — and that’s important when it comes to finding the perfect watch for you. We strive to change this: to empower you. 

Wristcheck Experience strives to offer a safe space for watch enthusiasts from all walks of life. Our space offers a curated range of pre-owned watches as well as a plethora of customisable watch accessories, catering to your every need. Our modular in-store living room spaces also provide our valued clients with a stylish sanctuary where you can sit back and relax, meet with friends, share watch stories, and at the end of a long day, enjoy a couple of drinks! 

Our passionate team of in-store consultants are watch enthusiasts themselves, setting them apart from the majority of the sales staff in the industry. Each and every team member possesses world-class horological knowledge in realms ranging from brand history, modern collections, the secondary market, to the future of horology. 

Wristcheck Experience will also execute and plan experiential pop-ups within our space that focus on the intricacies of all things horological. From focusing on specific brands to the industry at large, we promise to always deliver something new and exciting to the table.

Wristcheck Exchange

Wristcheck Exchange is a transparent platform built to empower both the buyer and the seller.
Wristcheck meticulously inspects and authenticates every watch that is sold on our platform, a process carried out by our dedicated and professional team of Swiss-trained watchmakers. We ensure a 100% Wristcheck Guarantee with a one-year warranty for all customers that buy through us. 

Wristcheck Exchange also offers a range of services for sellers: from free professional photography of your timepiece in our flagship boutique, to a complimentary consultation on your recommended list price. We want your watch sold just as fast as you do, and we’ll go above and beyond to achieve that.

The most important aspect of Wristcheck Exchange is that we are completely transparent in the fees that we charge, so you know where each and every one of your hard earned dollars is going.

Wristcheck Guarantee

Wristcheck is committed to upholding the highest industry standards in authenticating all of the watches that are sold through our platform.

The watches that go through the Wristcheck Service Center are carefully inspected, authenticated, and tested alongside strict industry guidelines, all before the buyer collects their new purchase. With our Wristcheck Authenticity Guarantee, every purchase is subject to a one-year warranty. With us, you can shop with peace of mind, knowing that you’re getting exactly what you paid for.


Unlike traditional watch dealers and pre-owned platforms low-balling you and making exorbitant margins on the watches you sell them, we are 100% transparent with how much we charge the buyer and the seller. We make a fixed margin on each sale and give you a breakdown of every percentage point that we charge.